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Memslap binary options

The precision of proportion is 0. The proportion of distribution will be rounded to 3 decimal places. The minimum value size is 1 bytes; the maximum value size is 1M bytes. Currently, memaslap only testss set and get commands. The high performance of memaslap benefits from the special schedule of thread and concurrency. The default number of threads is 1; the default number of concurrency is If the system tests setting CPU affinity and the number of threads specified by the user is greater than 1, memaslap will try to bind each thread to a different CPU core.

So if you want to get the best performance memaslap, it is better to specify the number of thread equal to the number of CPU cores. The number of threads specified by the user can also be less or greater than the number of CPU cores. Because of the limitation of implementation, the number of concurrencies could be the multiple of the number of threads. The memaslap performs very well, when used to test the performance of memcached servers. Most of the time, the bottleneck is the network or the server.

If for some reason the user wants to limit the performance of memaslap, there are two ways to do this:. Decrease the number of threads and concurrencies. This option allows the user to get the expected throughput. Most of the time, the user does not need to specify the window size. The default window size is 10k. For Schooner Memcached, the user can specify different window sizes to get different cache miss rates based on the test case.

If you use this utility to test the performance of Schooner Memcached, you can specify a proper window size to get the expected cache miss rate. The formula for calculating window size is as follows:. Memslap testss both data verification and expire-time verification.

If the objects are gotten, memaslap will verify the expire-time and value. Memslap testss multi-servers based on self-governed thread. There is a limitation that the number of servers cannot be greater than the number of threads. Memslap assigns one thread to handle one server at least. The above command means that there are 6 threads, with each thread having 6 concurrencies and that threads 0 and 3 handle server 0 So is memaslap.

The user can start up several memaslap instances. The user can run memaslap on different client machines to communicate with the same memcached server at the same. It is recommended that the user start different memaslap on different machines using the same configuration. The default memaslap runs with time mode.

The default run time is 10 minutes. If it times out, memaslap will exit. Do not specify both execute number mode and time mode at the same time; just specify one instead. Memslap will dump the statistics of the commands get and set at the frequency of every 20 seconds. Memslap by default does single get with TCP. Memslap also testss data verification and expire-time verification for multi-get.

Because of the different implementation of the ASCII protocol and binary protocol, there are some differences between the two. For TCP, memaslap does not reconnect the memcached server if socket connections are lost. If all the socket connections are lost or memcached server crashes, memaslap will exit. UDP is not testsed by the binary protocol because the binary protocol of memcached does not tests that. The above command means that memaslap will do facebook test, each concurrency has socket TCP connections and one UDP socket.

For replication test, the user must specify at least two memcached servers. The above command means that there are 2 replication memcached servers, memaslap will set objects to both server 0 and server 1, get objects which are set to server 0 before from server 1, and also get objects which are set to server 1 before from server 0.

If server 0 crashes, memaslap will only get objects from server 1. If server 0 comes back to life again, memaslap will reconnect server 0. If both server 0 and server 1 crash, memaslap will exit. Make sure that your system can tests opening thousands of files and creating thousands of sockets. However, this feature does not tests reconnection if sockets disconnect. It testss all the above features except UDP, because the latest memcached 1. Since memcached 1. In addition, memcached 1. This section describes the format of the configuration file.

Enter search terms or a module, class or function name. Navigation index next previous libmemcached 1. Improves parallelism: higher performance in multi-threads environments. Improves time efficiency: faster processing speed. Supports get, multi-get, and set commands; command distribution is configurable. Supports controllable miss rate and overwrite rate. Supports data and expire-time verification.

Supports dumping statistic information periodically. Supports thousands of TCP connections. Supports binary protocol. If for some reason the user wants to limit the performance of memaslap, there are two ways to do this: Decrease the number of threads and concurrencies. All network events are managed as in memcached. Multithreading and concurrency. The implementation mechanism of Memslap multithreading is similar to memcached.

Memslap creates one or more self-controlling threads. If the system supports setting the cpu environment, then. Each thread is bound to a CPU core. In addition, each thread has a libevent to manage network events, one or more self-controlled concurrency, and one or more socket connections. Even in a thread. Memslap will create multiple socket connections, each with multiple socket connections.

Which concurrently selects a socket connection to run randomly or sequentially from the socket connection pool. Therefore, memslap guarantees that every concurrency will have a soket connection at any time. Users can set the number of concurrency and each concurrency according to the desired test case.

The number of socket connections. Key and value. In order to improve time efficiency and space utilization, memslap creates a random text table of 10M text. Simple and practical task scheduling. Memslap uses libevent to schedule all concurrent threads. Each concurrent scheduling task is based on the size of the task window. Since each thread is self-controlled, memslap can assign different threads to different memcached servers. This is how memslap supports multiple servers. The only constraint is that the number of servers cannot exceed the number of threads.

Another method is to copy tasks. By default, memslap performs a single get. If the user sets multiple get options, memslap will collect enough get commands and send them in packages. Memslap supports ascII protocol and binary protocol. However, the ascii protocol is the default protocol.

By default, memslap uses tcp protocol, although it also supports udp protocol. In order to solve this shortcoming of udp protocol, memslap creates a memory pool. The user must specify at least one server side. Key and value length and commands. The minimum value is 1byte, the most. The maximum value is 1Mbyte. The default number of threads is 1 and the number of concurrent is Users can use "--thread" and "--concurrency" to set the number of threads and the number of concurrent.

Window size. Generally speaking, the user does not need to set the window size, the default size of the window is 10k. Users can use "—. Using "--verbose" will generate more detailed error messages. Multi-server, multi-client. Memslap supports multiple servers and multiple clients, but it should be noted that the number of servers cannot exceed the number of threads.

Operating mode: time mode, quantity mode. The default mode is the time mode, the default time is 10 minutes, if it is time, memslap is launched. Please do not use both modes at the same time. Regularly clean up static data. Multiple get. Users can use the "--division" option to set the number of multiple get.

The default value of Memslap is 1, which is a single get. Memslap supports udp and tcp protocols. For tcp, memslap will not reconnect when the socket connection is interrupted. If all connections are lost, memslap will launch. If the user uses the "--reconnect" option, then when the socket connection is lost, it will reconnect. Users can use the "--udp" option to enable udp, but udp has limitations:.

Udp can not set more than byte of data. Udp does not support binary protocol. Does not support reconnection. Facebook detection. Use tcp set data, use udp multiple get data. Copy task. If you use this feature, users must ensure that there are two or more memcached servers.

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It can be considered that Memaslap is an upgraded version of Emslap, offering more features. Prerequisite: Memcached is installed to ensure that the Libevent library is installed Yum install libevent. Servers count must be less than threads count.

Default 8. Default Default 1. Default 10k. Default 1, means single get. Default never overwrite object. Examples: memslap -s Related Keywords: mysql benchmark tool ssd benchmark tool as ssd benchmark tool cassandra benchmark tool nvidia gpu benchmark tool litmus testing tool bugzilla testing tool. Related Article How about buyvm. Methods for generating various waveform files Vcd,vpd,shm,fsdb Mac Ping:sendto:Host is down Ping does not pass other people' Perfect: Adobe premiere cs6 cracked version download [serial Submit Answer.

Check Out this Related Man Page. If UNIX was Weird 'find' results. Hello and thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer me I'm trying to learn the find command and thought I was understanding it Apparently I was wrong. I was doing compound searches and I started getting weird results with the -size test.

I was trying to do a search on a 1G file owned by Set hard block limit for user using quota. Thanks in advance. How to increment version inside a file? Hi All, I need to write a shell script which opens a file and increments the version text within the file every time the script runs. DB2 convert digits to binary format. Dear Team We use DB2 v Thanks 2 Replies. Tar Command.

CentOS7 restoring file capabilities. Quite an obscure question I think. We have a rebuild process for remote sites that allows us to PXE rebuild a till actually a PC with a touch screen and various fancy bits running CentOS. The current CentOS5 tills work just fine with a tar image restore and some personalisation. Docker learning Phase-I. Hello All, I had recently learnt a bit of Docker which provides containerization process. Here are some of my learning points from it. Shopt -s histappend. What is the point of this?

Whenever I close my shell it appends to the history file without adding this. I have never seen it overwrite my history file. When the shell exits, append to the history file instead of overwriting it shopt -s histappend 3 Replies.

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