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He who has the gold makes the rules. So gold or green is really the only colors that count. YOU messed up teh artwork!!! Chris ODonnell profile , 9 Sep am. As a Wells Fargo customer I'm not surprised at all. The pressure to sell there is so intense it's not surprising employees cheated to make their quotas. There is an old addage 'first time shame on you; second time shame on me'. After the stunts Wells Fargo pulled in Florida in the big housing bust why would anyone be dumb enough to have a Wells Fargo account?

Anonymous , 9 Sep am. Management definitely knew about it. Thsts not even debatable. These people can't even take a pee break without manager approval at some offices. Managers probably said "i dont care what you do, just hit your numbers so i can hit mine". That is what history has taught us. Dont fool yourself. And if I did the same thing as an ordinary citizen, would I just be fired?

Or would the full arm of justice fall on my head, and I'd find myself sitting in a federal prison? I guess if you're one of those scumbags in banking, you can just say "whoopsie" and move on from stuff like this. You mean the "but having such a widespread scam going on is somewhat astounding. That's what it takes to be presidential material. You need to tell the people what they want to hear against better judgment. It's the same whether you are running a crime ring, a Ponzi scheme, or for president.

The latter has the lowest success rate, but also the lowest incarceration rate. Daydream , 9 Sep am. And I bet it doesn't even cost them redundancy pay or any benefits. I wonder, will Wells Fargo go out hiring to replace the employees who were fired? If they do, I'll believe this was genuine and upper management is innocent. If they don't, I'll believe it's a scheme to get rid of employees without paying any more expenses.

I worked at a big company that got busted for this sort of thing, although on a much bigger scale. Qwest Communications was doing something similar at the end of the dot com boom - On the last day of the month regional sales managers would simply mark whatever deals they needed as sold, even though they weren't. Sales Managers got their bonuses based on those self reported numbers, so these guys were making well into six figures on fraudulent sales.

In sales we didn't get paid until the project invoiced, which obviously these fake deals never did, so we didn't benefit financially even though you could argue we were ultimately responsible as our names were on the accounts. So no, I doubt senior management at Wells Fargo was specifically aware that this stuff was going on, but they created a culture that led to it happening, and I wouldn't be surprised to find out shenanigans at a much bigger scale are happening at the higher levels of the organization.

Jason , 9 Sep am. One aspect I haven't seen mentioned in any of the coverage yet was the potential impact on victim's credit. Having "extra" accounts in their name, to say nothing about overdrafts and all that, can potentially have ripple effects beyond just the particular fees they produce. Missed a loan payment because your account was unexpectedly overdrawn? That could easily come back to bite you years later when a lender runs your credit report.

It's all well and good that they'll have to pay back the customers they swindled. But it's probably impossible to calculate the potential losses that could have occurred for all the people who maybe couldn't get a loan or got a higher rate than they should have because Wells Fargo was screwing around with accounts in their name. In theory fraudulent transactions can be removed from one's credit history, though I have never tried it.

From personal experience, they can, but usually it takes quite a bit of work and some money. The earlier you catch it, the easier it is to take care of. If you have enough money or a lawyer on retainer, it is a lot easier, but at first you need to know the problem exists and it doesn't look like a lot of people caught it. What really hurts is when the company who fraudulently claims you owed them money goes out of business or is bought out by several successors of interest before you catch it, in which case, good luck.

DannyB profile , 9 Sep am. DigDuggery , 9 Sep am. To complete the post, Wells Fargo's transaction software has taken transactions and re-sorted them so that all debit transactions are applied before credit transactions. I tested this a few years back by transferring funds to one of my accounts 6AM.

I then used my debit card 4 PM. When the transactions showed up in my account transaction log, the debit was listed as being completed before the credit transfer that occured 10 hours before the debit. They must have a lot of "profit parties" due to these kinds of transaction shenanigans. I was once charged and overdraft charge where it was the overdraft charge that put me in overdraft.

Wells Fargo once incorrectly charged me an overdraft fee. I called them up and pointed out the error, and they immediately refunded the fee. For whatever that's worth. That is an old stunt att used to do decades ago. Overcharged, and when victim pointed out, they immediately removed. It seems to me credit card companies have done the same thing in order to maximize interest charges. Can't remember the exact details so maybe someone else can chime in here with the details.

I think those processes have been stopped, but not sure. So, Wells Fargo had enough evidence to fire people. BentFranklin profile , 9 Sep am. It would be interesting to see how many of these employees cut their teeth on those frauds. Get ready for more bailouts -- another style "October surprise"? I understand that it was two rogue employees from Cincinnati who used to work for the IRS.

What I want to know -- because I am directly affected by this -- is why are the fines going to the government? They weren't damaged -- I WAS! I still wonder - people didn't all come up with the same idea. This wasn't one or two offices dreaming up a scam. That's the fraud that really, really needs to be investigated. I doubt that front-line bank people decided on their own that transferring money without consent was a good idea.

Teamchaos profile , 9 Sep am. Wells Fargo has over , employees. Not to excuse what the bad employees did, which was despicable, but - 2 out of every Certainly not any government organization and sadly probably not most private corporations either. The path to hell is paved with situational ethics i. Even if we assume that a government-run criminal investigation takes years to reach the point of filing a quality indictment, the internal controls at the bank can be as loose or as tight as management wants, subject to applicable law and regulation.

As other posters have stated, the internal controls must have failed massively for it to reach this point. Either the personnel operating those controls were complicit in bypassing them or the controls are so worthless that anyone with intent can easily bypass them. Neither explanation looks good for the company. Companies that take anti-corruption efforts seriously go to elaborate lengths to prevent the corruption of the internal auditors because they know that the auditors are so critical to catching corruption early.

I know of one place that has a standard practice that anyone who works in accounting gets reassigned to another office every X months I forget whether X was 6, 9, 12, 24, etc. If the successor is corrupt, then somehow, despite neither knowing the rotation, the first person corrupted the second.

Now extrapolate this forward when you need a chain of corrupt employees and the rotation schedule keeps you guessing about who will fill that chair next time. It rapidly becomes untenable unless you have systemic corruption, at which point you are already screwed. If the internal controls are worthless, then it also doesn't look good for any outside auditors who signed off on those controls. From the standpoint of letting outside auditors off the hook for this, it's much better for them if the explanation is that Wells Fargo simply lied to their outside auditors.

But I haven't dug into that Feb 24, report itself, to see whether this situation, and the controls at issue here, are within the scope of KPMG's audit. It doesn't look like it would necessarily be within the scope of the KPMG audit.

The customers' accounts were "real" in the sense that they existed. They were just created without the customers' knowledge or consent. Products included in our retail banking household cross-sell metrics must be retail products and have the potential for revenue generation and long-term viability. Then on p. Now, I think we have good reason to believe those metrics may be tainted with fraud. And I tend to think Wells Fargo should have disclosed any significant issues that they were having with those metrics.

I tend to think Wells Fargo should have disclosed any significant issues that they were having with those metrics. During second quarter , we changed how we determine retail banking households within Community Banking to include only those households that maintain a retail checking account, which we believe provides the foundation for long-term retail banking relationships. Previously, retail banking households were defined as.

Our Community Banking cross-sell metrics, as revised for prior periods to conform to the current period presentation, were 6. A side-effect of this revised methodology, and correspondingly revised metrics, is concealment of any revisions necessitated by the discovery of fraud lurking within prior metrics. I myself have no special reason to doubt that asserted filing date.

Anonymous Coward , 16 Sep am. Spokesman Mark Folk said the bank did not believe it had to disclose information to investors ahead of the settlement. Iow, whether or not certain litigation should have been disclosed is a different question than whether or not fraud in their cross-selling metrics should have been concealed.

Anonymous Coward , 3 Oct pm. Whether Wells Fargo committed securities fraud by failing to disclose problems with fake accounts at the same time as they were promoting their high account-creation numbers as a reason to invest in Wells Fargo; 3. That's not quite the same as a group of senators exercising oversight over the SEC by investigating how the SEC carries out its regulatory function. Anonymous Coward , 14 Oct pm.

From p. This change in methodology was the result of a long-term evaluation spanning 18 months to best align our cross-sell metric with our strategic focus of long-term retail banking relationships. Prior period metrics have been revised to conform with the updated methodology.

Cross-sell metrics have not been adjusted to reflect the de minimis impact of approximately 2. The maximum impact of these accounts to this reported metric in any one quarter was 0. And from the 3Q16 Quarterly Supplement , at the bottom of p. If someone was looking to intentionally conceal fraud in these metrics—well, this just stinks to high heaven. There's no way to sugar-coat it.

This has a stench. A Wells Fargo spokesman declined to comment further. Speaker id continued from page linked above. Quote is on p. Wells Fargoe was also a big player in the Real Estate mortgage derivative scam, which was basically an act of economic terrorism against the United States. Hows that for a little context? Possible you might be able to situate the immediate topic of focus within its larger context? Anonymous Coward , 8 Oct pm. Then, following the timemark, for about 25 seconds, the committee's ranking member, California's Maxine Waters 43rd district , refers to a news alert that she says was put out while that hearing was taking place.

Washington state congressman Denny Heck 10th district Rereading that, perhaps I phrased that rather badly. But the state, of course, while it has a legislature, does not have a congress. The Congress is in D. Bonus as the motivation? I think the motivation was to keep from being let go. Fail to meet your quota, out the door you go. There are lots of layoffs in the banking industry. Everyone is scared. These staff know that getting a new job is very difficult. They have mouths to feed.

We don't have a nice safety net in the US. So they do what they have to do to live another day. The management met their numbers, got their bonus. The fallout is tomorrow's problem. I would bet my life savings that the person in charge of this scam got a pay raise instead of being fired. Yeah, I know, this is hardly the first thing to do that.

But consider: the number of victims of this scam is huge. If Lifelock actually had any clue, they would have observed this in the statistics and would have deduced that there was a systemic problem affecting a lot of people who all happened to be WF customers. And of course they would have trumpeted it, because it would be a big PR win for them. But they didn't. Millions of cases of identity theft, and they completely missed it.

The banks in this country have been ripping the public off for years. I hope the guilty parties are prosecuted to the full extent of the law. What a disgrace. Mintaka , 9 Sep am. Known legally as "willful blindness", which is not a legal defense. Except for bankers, apparently. Another legal principle that could apply is that of "command responsibility".

That means that those in charge are responsible for what happens under their command that they should have known about, even if they didn't. Apparently, this one doesn't apply to bankers either. Must be nice to be a banker. Buried down in a Wells Fargo press release, and little mentioned in the reporting I've seen is a new technical measure that Wells Fargo suggests will remediate the failure of their prior controls.

Sending customers a confirming email within one hour of opening any deposit account, Which is a fat lot of use when an employee rather than the customer controls the email address. Wrong day. And Wrong year. Djamboulian , 9 Sep am.

Dears, This is not the only way this Bank got millions from his customers but also through hacking of emails and asking to transfer large amounts to supposedly "new accounts". Recently we won back a hacking done through this bank and just got our money back on the same day this scam was exposed. For many years, I have watched as multiple industries younger employees complain about the number of steps they have to take to accomplish simple tasks.

They think they have found a way to increase productivity. They go to clueless new hire middle management and convince them of this. This middle management instead of asking why are we doing things this way, maybe i should research it before changing it, just does it. They all congratulate each other. It generally takes a year or two before someone figures out that they can then cheat the system, and another year before it becomes so widespread that it is noticed or something blowsup. I am all for streamlining processes, but you dont just remove steps without understanding why they were put there and what they do.

Automate, streamline, but keep the purpose and objective for them. Miko , 9 Sep pm. There are already two mentions of "incentive structure" in the comments, but a statement like this merits saying it a third time. Wells Fargo has "known about and encouraged these practices for years," the California lawsuit said.

I linked to the May 4, California complaint once already in an earlier comment. As a former WF manager I can tell you, this is not at all a surprise. Wells puts more sales presure on its retail team than any bank in the country. Upper level management will say act with integrity, but give the nod to those that are somehow hitting the crazy numbers. Those that don't comply with the gaming or dare to report the bad behaviors are put in a corner.

The worst players get promoted to higher positions. So what do you think will happen if you allow the prisoners to be guards and wardens? The district level managers and area presidents need to be held accountable.

This thing is way larger than you think. Why would the bank have to pay a fine if it was the workers fault! Take your money out of wells fargo to do the safe thing. The news media has mostly headlined the settlement with the federal CFPB.

Read the settlement here. LA City Attorney's page on the Wells Fargo settlement Webpages like these have a tendency to disappear over the years with eventual changes in elected officials , and subsequent site redesigns. Anonymous Coward , 10 Sep pm. Emphasis added. Emphasis added again. Anonymous Coward , 11 Sep pm. It would not say whether any of them had been top executives, but in July, Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf announced the retirement of Carrie Tolstedt, senior vice president for community banking since Happy to see that Saint Louis Post-Dispatch editorial board agrees that the timing of that announcement, in light of what we now know, creates an inference.

Anonymous Coward , 12 Sep am. Tolstedt was 55 years old that year. While the report's title does indicate that this report primarily focuses on banking workers in NYC, this particular statistic applies nationwide. Anonymous Coward , 10 Oct am. DiStefano, Philly. This article seems to have a Philadelphia focus, rather than nationwide. Fortune previously reported on Tolstedt's huge looming payday. Embedded hyperlink omitted and anchor text reformatted. There's some Twitter chatter today disagreeing with the math.

The estimate by Mark Reilly, a managing director at human-resources consultancy Overture Group LLC, reflects the value of stock and stock options as well retirement benefits for the departing Wells Fargo executive. The bank adopted a somewhat aggressive clawback provision in that would apply to Tolstedt as a highly paid executive.

One of the triggers for the provision could be if the executive's business group "suffers a material failure of risk management" or misconduct that "expected to have reputational or other harm to the company. This is on top of yesterday's call for a clawback from an analyst.

I don't know what document this story quotes regarding the potential clawback trigger. The AP story may be quoting from pp. Both directly quoted phrases occur on those two pages. In the past few days, looking over the Wells Fargo coverage, I've seen a number of stories published by the Charlotte Observer. Anonymous Coward , 28 Sep am. Now that I've threaded the Sep 19, Wells Fargo response in below, the query letter dated Sep 15 certainly ought to get a note in here.

Tolstedt's compensation. To clarify, Ms. No incentive compensation was granted as a result of Ms. Tolstedt will not receive any severance pay as a result of here retirement. Anonymous Coward , 28 Sep pm. That's based on an updated tally of Tolstedt's stock holdings that Wells Fargo recently sent Senator Elizabeth Warren. I started a new thread, down below for yesterday's news about Ms Tolstedt's forfeiture of unvested equity awards.

Possibly I should've just continued that here, attempting to string together some kind of coherent flow. Basically make a fake account - charge it overdrafts etc - "customer" complains customer doesn't actually exist - bank compensates the customer - money goes right into CEO and board members own accounts Essentially it's embezzlement via internal systems which is a criminal offence.

They don't need to do anything that dumb when they can just get huge bonuses. Mitch Ritter , 13 Sep am. Just as soon as U. It seems like among the 5, employees, management should be in serious trouble as well. It further quotes Shrewsberry, "The analysis with all the data is still ongoing. Yesterday, he went on the interview circuit. Those interviews got a fair amount of attention yesterday. It'll be interesting to contrast them against how he performs in front of a Senate committee.

Anonymous Coward , 18 Sep am. A spokesman for the Manhattan U. Attorney declined to comment. A spokesman for the U. Attorney for the Northern District of California wasn't immediately available to comment. Hey, as long as we're down here in the archives, we might as well talk about a style issue that's been kind of nagging at me for awhile.

But a wire service, such as Dow Jones Business News, doesn't. Extending that onto the World-Wide Web, a website like Techdirt gets treated like a periodical publication—except when it occurs as part of anchor text—which is usually presented as underlined which is equivalent to italics. Now, those rules get a little confusing when a story appears on the Associated Press website.

So maybe it's time for a little rethink on this. Anyone down here in the archives want to weigh in on this really important style issue? Then the basic rule is do it twice and call it jazz. That one —two— really was unintentional.

This story adds Western District of North Carolina to non-responding list. Anonymous Coward , 17 Sep pm. While many of these stories quoted that email partially, I saw none at all that reproduced or linked to a copy of the email in full. One place that did, though, was Joe Crawford's ArtLung blog.

Another was this Naked Capitalism comment. Anonymous Coward , 19 Sep pm. Other Events. The Company has responded, and continues to respond, to requests from a number of the foregoing seeking information regarding these sales practices and the circumstances of the settlements and related matters. A number of lawsuits have also been filed by non-governmental parties seeking damages or other remedies related to these sales practices.

Anonymous Coward , 5 Oct am. The full letter is printed below: Dear Attorney General Lynch:. That fact isn't apparent from Senator Hirono's press release today. Linda , 15 Sep pm. Anonymous Coward , 15 Sep pm. How do we know if we were scammed by these 5, people? Have questions? Start here. Whether you have questions about the CFPB or about a consumer financial product or service, or you want to submit a complaint, start here.

ET, Monday through Friday. What did they tell you? This is not directly responsive to Linda's question. But I'm threading it in here —under a changed subject line— because it is part of what the CFPB is telling people. This article contains embedded audio, and a transcript. If something is happening and consumers are being hurt, we want to stop it. And to the extent that folks have been hurt, we want to get them their money back. She no longer works there.

The research firm's chief executive, Warren Pino, says its findings are confidential. In , Wells Fargo's community-banking unit assembled a special task force. In May Wells Fargo hired consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers to do an in-depth analysis. About a dozen PwC employees worked on the project for about a year, discovering fraudulent sales practices that were prominent in Phoenix, Miami and Newark, N. Anonymous Coward , 9 Oct am. It presents a longer, more in-depth view, focusing on one facet.

A copy of this report is appended p. From an archival viewpoint, I'd criticize the Public Citizen report for it's use of bitly and other link-shortening services in footnotes. While the shortened hyperlinks may make the footnotes less obtrusive, and more aesthetically pleasing, this will probably create some minor headaches for any future researcher struggling against link-rot in coming years.

The whole point of a citation is to make the resource findable. Stuff moves around on the web. Finally, I'll just briefly extract— According to a recent survey by consulting firm A. There's a critical distinction here: url shorteners like bitly use redirection — while archival tools such as archive. I suppose this item just barely meets the threshold to be worth noting here.

As I mentioned earlier , I'm filtering the news on this topic rather heavily, attempting to pick out items of interest, rather than attempting complete coverage. But, if nothing else, I can close these browser tabs after posting this.

The lawsuit was filed in the U. District Court in Utah, and seeks class-action status on behalf of hundreds of thousands of customers nationwide. The case is Mitchell et al v. District Court, District of Utah, No. Anonymous Coward , 1 Oct pm. The third link in that embedded list points to the same Sep 16, Bloomberg story cited up in the parent post.

Sep 27, Reuters story. Anonymous Coward , 11 Oct am. Anonymous Coward , 17 Oct am. Allen v Wells Fargo complaint D. Minn, cv, filed Oct 7, Another proposed class action on behalf of participants in the Wells Fargo k plan. Footnote 3 omitted; the footnote claims plaintiff may modify class period.

One of two embedded hyperlinks omitted. Mitchell et al v. Anonymous Coward , 12 Oct am. Keller Rohrback case page: Jabbari, et. Plaintiffs appealed that decision. While the appeal was pending, the parties began settlement discussions. On September 8, , the parties notified the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals that they had reached a settlement, and they asked the appellate court to send the case back to the district court so the parties could seek approval of their settlement.

The deal will settle a federal class-action suit filed in San Francisco by Wells Fargo customers. Financial terms were not disclosed and it must still be approved by a judge. Attorneys at law firm Keller Rohrback had announced on Sept. Anonymous Coward , 2 Oct am. According to the amended complaint [PDF] from Embedded hyperlink copied below. Diamond, Asbury Park Press , Sep 30, John Tatulli, Kuter's Shrewsbury-based attorney.

Anonymous Coward , 2 Oct pm. The first was filed in Los Angeles last week by former Wells Fargo workers. Although that same New York Times story does go on to provide some background with good supporting links. This extract is the primary reason why I've bothered to keep that particular story open in a browser tab— Yesenia Guitron, a former banker, sued Wells Fargo in In , the United States District Court for the Northern District of California sided with Wells Fargo and ruled that even if its sales targets were unreasonable, the bank had the right to use them as an employment yardstick.

Anonymous Coward , 4 Oct am. Yesenia Guitron, a former banker, sued Wells Fargo in Several times recently, I've mentioned that I'm filtering the news heavily. I started noticing what I thought were honest mistakes. My reaction to this video segment is almost certainly atypical compared to the vast majority of the audience who would encounter it, either on television or via the world wide web. As I said, this belongs to a genre that I'd usually tend to just filter out without comment. That CBS interview has rippled outwards.

After Guitron recounted her experiences in St. On Friday, Wells Fargo issued a statement to the Register. Btw, when using the WayBack Machine , it's possible to locate a resource first, then turn off javascript in your browser, and reload the page. Sadly, I'm a little hesitant to include this note, because some culture-destroyers would burn down a library in a stroke of petty avarice. Anonymous Coward , 6 Oct pm. Once employee names are known, the plan is to then sue those employees, he said.

North Carolina is the second state in which attorneys are trying the strategy. How do you find if you where involved in the scam by Wells Fargo Tyronne—— perhaps you saw the phone number that I gave Linda earlier. I know that they're not answering their phones at the CFPB over the weekend. But if you're looking for advice tailored to your specific circumstances, then I can only urge you to seek the services of a competent professional. Anonymous Coward , 18 Sep pm. Elizabeth Warren D-Mass.

As Donald Trump might say: Pocahontas is on the warpath. This story's statement about Sen. A relatively quick search for other CNN video didn't turn up any from last week. I hadn't linked that particular story previously, because the news it presents was adequately conveyed through links to other news outlets. Here, though, I do want to note that story's headline which is, of course, not attributable to Matt Egan — Elizabeth Warren v.

Wells Fargo: Senate hearing set for September The witness on Panel I will be Mr. Paragraph break inserted. While that hearing page at the committee website does not yet provide copies of witness' written statements, several news stories state that Mr Stumpf's prepared testimony has now been made available to the media.

Stumpf strikes a decidedly contrite tone about the scandal. But even looking at the source for that page, I don't see a functional hyperlink there. Anonymous Coward , 20 Sep am. After reading Mr Stumpf's prepared testimony, as relayed by the New York Times , the most noteworthy portion seems to be the last paragraph on p. Based on the original proactive monitoring, our Internal Investigations team began an intensive investigation into simulated funding activity in the Los Angeles and Orange County markets.

As a result of these investigations, we terminated team members for sales integrity issues. Mr Stumpf's explanation leaves out where the employee gets the money to fund the new account. NYT compares the two to determine that Mr Stumpf didn't do that. Anonymous Coward , 17 Oct pm. From the moment Warren began her minute tirade, the wires began to buzz, and the testimony made a rare flow off C-Span.

This article goes on to list a few other media outlets with Facebook video clips. If I'm totalling the numbers right, the other clips sum just shy of another 14 million views. With Sen Warren's Facebook page video clip included, in grand total, it's just short of 25 million views to date.

I had always though that this event was noteworthy, but had held off on posting about it… I'm threading it in here because chronologically, it happened after the Sep 20th Senate Banking Committee hearing. One of two hyperlink omitted. A spokesman for the San Francisco Fed declined to comment beyond a press release from the regulator announcing Stumpf's resignation.

More than once, I have searched for this press release at the San Francisco Fed website and elsewhere —unsuccessfully. Chris Lo , 21 Sep am. My wife worked at Wells Fargo. Here is some information to put things into perspective that this was carried out by the low end teller but the influence was definitely from upper management. It was so sales driven that everyone was required to open at least 2 new checking accounts and 1 savings account per day. People who didn't meet their daily quota were treated like crap and talked down to for being "incompetent" despite their high survey scores and excellent customer service.

They even had a board of shame for those who had "low" performance in the break room. WellsFargo teaches their employees to word things in a way where people who aren't aware would be able to catch. Im not going to lie, my sales were horrible.

Fortunately, I found a better job and quit after almost 2 months in that shit hole. It's unfortunate that people feel the need to do something illegal to keep a job that's not worth having. Anonymous Coward , 21 Sep pm. I don't see the announcement up on the committee calendar yet. Anonymous Coward , 29 Sep pm. Anonymous Coward , 30 Sep am. Denny Heck, D-Wash. Gregory Meeks D-N. If the bucks stops with you," then you should be held responsible. This morning, Representative Meeks repeated that call in a TV interview.

In an interview on "Squawk Box," Meeks said. Embedded hyperlinks omitted. Well, something is going wrong at this bank, and you are the head of it. Anonymous Coward , 1 Oct am. I picked this item up via Google news yesterday right after it was published, but due to the Techdirt site problems last night, I wound up holding off on submitting the comment.

A few paragraphs later, it goes on:. The story embeds a full jpeg image of Rep. That's one way to call for Mr Stumpf's resignation. But it takes that long to chop up a credit card? Yes, besides that act, the congressman also had to take time to write a letter… and perhaps place his story somewhere. It is a story about California's 11th district congressman Mark DeSaulnier… In part, I thought that item was worth posting in order to segue into this next item.

Stories discussing the partisan divide over the CFPB in connection with this enforcement action against Wells Fargo have appeared here and there in the media ever since the first news of the agency's record-breaking fine. This Yahoo Finance story, though, goes on to say: Consumerist, a consumer advocacy website, sought to explain why. Notice, that in a web article filled with hyperlinks, that Yahoo Finance story does not seem to link to the Consumerist article.

That story does contain this paragraph: Hensarling has been a vocal opponent of the CFPB, sponsoring multiple pieces of legislation to reshape the Bureau to be less efficient and put its budget directly under the control of Congress. According to OpenSecrets.

Note that the embedded OpenSecrets. But it's a non-functional hyperlink. Congressional hearings — or at least, those that get media attention or make an appearance in our Facebook feeds — are no longer seen as tools to develop legislation. They are political tools to influence public opinion. Stumpf, welcome to Washington," Rep. Brad Sherman, D-Calif. We're now engaged in an important national ritual where the C. Stumpf, welcome to Washington.

Anonymous Coward , 5 Oct pm. I picked this item up via Google news yesterday right after it was published… Yesterday a story was published , in various versions throughout the afternoon and evening, and into today. Now this story, which highlights a September 29th letter from a member of the Senate Banking Committee's Financial Institutions and Consumer Protection subcommittee and also Securities, Insurance, and Investment subcommittee, and who further happens to be the chairman of the Small Business Committee , the Senator from Louisiana, David Vitter —well, this is more significant than a story about a congressman who takes two weeks to cut up a credit card.

But I haven't posted about this until now. Watching the hearing last Thursday, and listening to the by-state breakdown numbers that Mr Stumpf provided for the members who requested them, managed to bring the scale to more comprehensible levels. When I saw this headline, and started to read this article, at first I thought that the Charlotte Observer had obtained the North and South Carolina numbers from the hearing testimony.

Of course, recent stories from other media outlets elsewhere have reported numbers that were testified to for other states. It was not confirmed that all of the accounts were unauthorized, she said, but incurred fees. Embedded hyperlink omitted. Anonymous Coward , 27 Sep pm. Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren said in a statement Wednesday.

The Democrat. That happens a bit to me too, often enough. Stumpf represent about a quarter of the total compensation he has accrued over his nearly 35 years at the bank, according to an independent analysis by human-resources consultancy Overture Group LLC. That version contains a third graf which the syndicated version omits.

That cut does make the syndicated version read strangely. That includes stock awards, stock options and performance shares, among other aspects of his pay package, based on the bank's Sept. Both stories provide just a little more detail on the Equilar calculations. The suspension, in effect immediately, will remain in place for 12 months, State Treasurer John Chiang said Wednesday.

This is a surprise to me. I did not see this suspension coming at all—until it just suddenly popped up front page Google News. Anonymous Coward , 29 Sep am. These actions will be in effect as of the date of this letter and will remain in place for one year. Earlier today, I read about some rumblings out of Florida. They are everywhere in the internet and could even be here in this site, be careful of them. Below are list of our emails you can contact if you need our services Email-: pythonaxhacks gmail.

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Извиняюсь, но, walt bettinger quotes знаете

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Binary Options SCAM! - 2020 Truth Revealed!

I am trying to find this piece of scam software. We could have promoted this scam and made money as well, but hottest 100 betting odds 2021 refuse to. Phenomenal Signals is not on that site. Its operates by analyzing various to apply your own judgment economical data in real time if we are making money. I even asked them if by several blogs online. In reference to added control, is a newly introduced automatic number of trades desired for execution and select risk levels lower 80s percentile, which is2 trades medium. There was one that stated Signal, are you making money broker in We checked out. They scammed with Crazy ATM will determine the exact payout. I see you promote Phenomenal not very impressive with a money online Here. Why is every review site I come across says they.

Binary options atm scam santa ana. When fraudsters attempt to make money solely by recruiting new participants into a program, that is a pyramid scheme, and. Anna Pfeiffer claims she is known as “Madame Luck” because of her uncanny ability to Well, WA ScamNet wishes that Bank Vault would put its offer in the “​vault” and stop Do you believe in the tooth fairy, Santa Claus or the Easter bunny? WA ScamNet is warning consumers about a binary option trading scam called. Forex trading can be very profitable and attractive for individual traders. is a top online Forex Broker Review platform and we white label forex brokerage account · binary options atm scam santa ana · puola​.