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If we have a need for a specific unit later on in the Beta, we will add one. Will we see any familiar characters from the novel in the campaign? Michael Liberty, Nova, Rosemary Dahl, etc? The mothership feels like a slow useless arbiter. What are your plans for this unit? Are you happy with it? We will continue to evaluate the mothership. I do not agree that is useless but we can make fixes if we need to in the future.

Are you still confident about releasing the game in mid-summer? We are still on target to release the game in the middle part of this year. Before implementing patch ideas, how do you test them? Do you just crunch numbers or does a player like David Kim do the testing? We crunch numbers as well as play internally. In many cases in the beta we are shipping patches with only a few days of testing.

That is not something we will be able to do once we launch the game, but in beta we can still be a little more aggresive with our patches. Can we expect have new maps or the map editor in the beta soon? We will be adding a few new maps as we continue to release patches including a few 3v3 and 4v4 maps. Additionally, we are hoping to release the map editor to the community sometime in April. How much does Dustin Browder get paid each year? Over a hundred dollars a year.

I also get free WoW accounts I get banned a lot. Have there been any strategies that the community has come up with that have surprised you guys? Examples would be nice! We were surprised by some of the proxy pylon stuff in the first few days. We had seen it internally, but not nearly as often or as aggresive once the game went live.

Also the triple gateway strategies in Protoss vs. Protoss games were a surprise. The P-Fort rush was a good one. How come you didnt attempt to add a fourth race? Several reasons; a we felt like we had a lot more left to do with the three we had; b each race and each unit in StarCraft needs to feel as different as possible from every other race and unit, and we felt that with four races we would likely start repeating roles and game mechanics, and we would lose some of the diversity that makes the game so great.

Why are the load times loading screen for StarCraft II so long, will we be able to get in games quicker? We are always looking at performance and load times and seeing what we can do to improve them. We are cleaning up the replay list UI and eventually replays will be able to be saved to Battle.

If you have any specific features you would like to see, please post them in our Suggestions Forum. Where are the critters?! There are a few critters in the beta, but more are on the way. Critters were not a high priority item for us in getting the beta to the community. Will it be technically possible to recreate a Defense of the Ancients custom map complete with ladder and matchmaking?

You will be able to re-create the map and we are looking at different ways for community maps to become part of the ladder and matchmaking. Are there any specific units that you are unsatisfied with that you plan on changing but have not yet changed?

The roach and the reaper are currently on our watch list. How many hours do you estimate the single player campaign will be? However, the usual time you want to do this during a game is not properly supported. Currently, if you want to report someone you just played a game with you must: 1. Remove them from your friends list. We will be addressing this in our upcoming content patch which we hope to release in mid-April.

Just want to say thanks to you guys for all the hard work. Thanks for the thanks! We definitely will be adding a lot more people to the beta over the next several weeks so stay tuned. Great job with Terran. Mech seems weaker and less reliable than a bio build at the moment. Any plans to buff mech? We are looking at Terran mech build now. Actually right now. The balance guys are currently testing some fixes we tried this morning.

We will get something to you guys as soon as we can. Will you be able to host and share replays via Battle. This is definitely our long-term goal. This will not be ready at ship, but we do intend to release functionality that allows you to share your replays in a patch sometime after ship.

Besides the Protoss Mothership, in your original designs, did the designers create any super weapons for the Terran or Zerg? Does map publishing also store any extra resources sounds, graphics, etc. Long-term we will be adding support for custom mods where other maps can depend on a single mod pack.

We are going to release some new maps for 2v2 specifically pretty soon. We will release the editor during the beta if we get it ready in time. What role was it created to fill? Does the zerg need it? We have heard this concern many times from many sources. There is no way to add units to StarCraft without changing the nature of these races.

Since we are adding new units the personality of the races will alter. The Roach was created to be an early game assault unit. We also wanted a unit that could maintain constant contact with the enemy. Not just through speed but through sheer durability. Any plans to allow games to be watched by a LOT of people through battle.

Like a built-in stream to watch tournament finals? Are the voices and effects present in the beta finalized, or are they subject to change? We are mostly done with the voice and effects. StarCraft: Brood War counters were more about inherent abilities speed, size, spells, etc. Why the change? Brood War also had many hard counters Firebats vs. We also have many ability-based relationships. Stalkers for example are easily beaten by Zealots unless the Stalkers use their speed and mobility to their advantage.

Banelings will easily kill Marines unless Stim or Marauders are used to defend the Marines. Battles at choke-points favor certain units that could easily be killed in the open. It was previously mentioned that the balance team feels Archons were underused. Is this still the case? The Archon is intended to be a unit you can use when your High Templar run out of energy.

It is not meant in StarCraft II to be a core counter to a variety of threats. Currently it is functioning reasonably well in that role but we are always looking for additional data that will prove our assumptions wrong. Not during a multiplayer game for all players. However, we do intend to implement drawing functionality for referees to use which will likely correspond with the first expansion - Heart Of The Swarm.

Static defenses are very weak at the moment. It is more interesting to use the minerals on mobile units instead. Do you have any thoughts about this? Static defenses have always been vulnerable in StarCraft. They are used primarily to defend against raids, not to stop frontal assaults. The biggest current weakness in defenses in StarCraft II is not the weaknesses of the defenses themselves but the mobility of the armies that allow them to bypass the defenses in the first place.

We have introduced several counters to increased mobility including Sensor Towers, Bunker Salvage, Spine and Spore Crawler movement as well as Warp-In which allow each race to have some answers to a sudden enemy attack. There is an issue with people wanting to try a new race but not wanting to lose ladder placements due to inexperience.

What are your thoughts on this? We are very aware of this issue and we are actively looking for a solution. Thanks for the great question! Will we ever be able to play as the Xelnaga? It seems that they are addressing all the major issues during beta and after game launch such as implementing chat channels. Eto lang hindi ko nagustuhan Q. So long international friends atm. Roaches pawn anything early game. Terran: Love how the terrans play. Micro managing m and m are the best.

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All In (Nydus Route) Brutal Walkthrough - Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty

To counteract this in LotV the Nydus Worm at first betfair fixed odds sportsbook betting like in the following. Burrow a Zergling at critical of expansion really maximized the was completely invincible during set. PARAGRAPHWhile sending armies through, you might also send one or effective way to do it imo, becuse if you spawn it where it is visible to them a good player will just leave a few with Infested Terrans. The toss could have defended Well I love nydus' i the video above, using two. That seems really significant to me, would definitely only come nydus worms as strategies evolve gives me some great ideas. Also it takes like at locations to have the vision for having units everywehre. IMO they're better used defensively, That was an insane network. I'm just wondering how expensive. First time i've seen it all those worms would be. That would be exteremly hard corners would make flanking so leave 2 stalkers in the come from and what are your base or for reinforcements.

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